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I had a razor in the shower, the camper, and the car (you know, for when you put that super cute tank top on and realize you forgot to shave your underarms). I couldn’t keep up with my hair growth, shaving every 2 days. I suffered from bumps, ingrown hair and razor burn and couldn’t understand why didn’t I have smooth, bump free skin like the women on TV. And don’t even get me started on how my thigh hair would keep me awake at night. And then one 15 minute experience to change my entire life!


I was working in Squamish BC, as a whitewater rafting guide. If you have never been to Squamish you should, it is beautiful! Well the rivers there are approximately 3 degrees in summer, so I had to wear a wetsuit for work every single day. Remember those bumps I suffered from, well they were nothing compared to what I suffered from due to shaving combined with wearing wetsuits! I knew it was time for a change, but where do I begin? Body Sugaring, waxing, electrolysis, threading, laser, there are so many options, and I had already tried some of them before without much thought or understanding of their specific benefits. 


I spent countless hours researching all of the options keeping in mind my budget, results as well as the effects on the environment. I was shocked by what I thought I knew and what I learned, but came out the other side with a clear choice. Body Sugaring was the most gentle on the budget, the skin and the environment with outstanding reviews on results. So I decided to give it a try, I started easy, just my underarms (which is where I suffered from ingrown hairs). Now I definitely shaved my underarms every 2 days, so I was expecting I would be booking a follow up appointment a week later. Not only did the one treatment nearly eliminate my ingrown hairs, I did not need to book a follow up appointment for 3 weeks! So my next appointment I added on my bikini line with outstanding results again, and then I was addicted… I wanted to scream to the world “Body Sugaring, where have you been all my life”!


Hi! I am Deanne, sole owner and operator of Naked Peach Body Sugaring. I am a BC born and raised gal, calling Penticton home since 2013. I became a Certified Body Sugaring Technician in 2020, specializing in full body hair removal for all genders. My mission is to inspire confidence, build awareness and provide options. I am so happy to have you reach my website and learn about me and my passion. I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your hair removal goals!


Pierre is the “Customer Relations Manager”. When he is at work, he takes his job very seriously and will be the first one to greet you. Pierre is a friendly and quiet 7 year old French Bulldog. He is looking forward to greeting you. Be sure to reward a job well done at the end of your service with the treats supplied in studio!

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