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Inspiring Confidence Through Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Naked Peach Brazilian Body Sugaring specializes in goal based 

Brazilian Body Sugaring & skin care for all genders.
With the use of eco friendly, low waste products that are gentle on all skin types, Body Sugaring is the most safe and effective form of temporary hair removal. Try Body Sugaring today and experience soft, smooth skin with lasting results!



“ Amazing service! Pleasant conversation throughout services. Thank you for being open evenings and on Sundays! I will be back! “


“ Deanne is wonderful. She made sure I was comfortable and did a fantastic job at getting all of my stubborn hairs! If you’ve ever wondered about getting sugared then you have to just try because you’ll never go back to waxing… “


“ Deanne was such a pleasure, made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I’ve never had sugaring done before but it was quick & not too bad on the pain front! I will definitely be coming back! “




“ Great service - felt like a spa :) “

“ Quality work and great

conversation! “

“ Always a positive experience. “

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