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Proudly offering a safe space for every body LGBTQIA2S+
With a relaxing, private studio and genuine professionalism, I pride myself on offering a comfortable environment for all individuals.

*Please book services according to your genitalia, if you have any questions please contact me. Feel welcome to include your pronouns and and preferred name in the appointment notes.

Spend & Save

Spend $100 or more & Save 5%

Spend $200 or more & Save 10%

*Discount will be applied to all regular priced services and products, at time of appointment.


Body Exfoliation $60

This treatment exfoliates your skin from neck to toes finished with special blend of essential oils and cream, leaving your skin feeling smooth and luxurious. Includes a free Dry Brush to take home. 

Custom Appointment $100 + Service Fees

Body Sugaring hair removal with your choice of services, outside of studio hours to suit your schedule. Available to New & Routine Clients by request, up to 8 weeks in advance, depending on availability. Please complete the “Waitlist” form on the Booking Page to request.

*This service must be paid in full at the time of booking & is non exchangeable, & non refundable.

Vagacial $45

This relaxing treatment gently exfoliates and moisturizes your upper bikini area, leaving you with soft, healthy skin and glowing confidence. Add onto any Bikini Service or book as a solo treatment.



Bikini $45/*$40

Panty line & tummy trail.

Bikini Plus $50/*$45

Panty line, pelvic mound & tummy trail.


French Bikini $50/*$45

Panty line, gluteal cleft, buttocks & tummy trail.


G-String Mini $55/*$50

Panty line, labia & tummy trail.

G-String $60/*$55

Panty line, labia, gluteal cleft, buttocks & tummy trail.

Brazilian Mini $60/*$55

Pelvic mound, panty line, labia & tummy trail.

Brazilian $65/*$60

EVERYTHING! Pelvic mound, panty line, labia, gluteal cleft, buttocks & tummy trail.


BROkini $55/*$50

Pelvic mound & shaft.

BRO-String Mini $65/*$60

Shaft & scrotum.

BRO-String $75/*$70

Shaft, scrotum, gluteal cleft & buttocks.

BROzilian Mini $85/*$80

Pelvic mound, shaft & scrotum.

BROzilian $95/*$90

EVERYTHING! Pelvic mound, shaft, scrotum, gluteal cleft & buttocks.



Subsequent services booked within 5 weeks of previous same bikini service at Naked Peach Body Sugaring.


Deluxe Bikini Line $7.50

Extend your bikini line outwards an extra 3 inches.

Ingrown Hair Extraction Advanced $15

10 minutes.

Ingrown Hair Extraction Basic $7.50

5 minutes.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini Line $7.50

Extend your bikini line inwards 1 extra inch.

Pelvic Mound Shaping $7.50

Partial Thigh $20

Inner, back, front or outer.

Trim w Electric Razor $7.50

For areas where the hair will not be removed, a pre trim is included for areas where the hair will be removed.


Brow Cleanup $22.50 

Simple brow cleanup, maintaining your current brow shape from another provider or more than 5 weeks from last service.


Brow Maintenance $17.50 

Subsequent service booked within 5 weeks of previous brow service at Naked Peach Body Sugaring.


Brow Shaping $27.50 

Full eyebrow shaping including professional mapping of your face, for a more defined shape. 

*For best results, brows should be grown out for a minimum of 6 months.


Beard Full $50

Beard Full w Moustache $70

Beard Lower $30

Cheeks $17.50

Chin $17.50

Ears $17.50

Forehead $17.50

Lip Upper $17.50

Lip Upper & Lower $25

Moustache $20

Neck $17.50

Nostrils $17.50

Side Face $17.50


Face Full $45

Face Full with Brow Cleanup $60

Face Full with Brow Maintenance $55

Face Full with Brow Shaping $65

Face: Upper Lip, Chin & Neck $40

Face: Upper Lip, Chin & Side Face $40


Buttocks $30

Buttocks with Gluteal Cleft $45

Feet $17.50

Legs Full w Feet $90

Legs Lower w Feet $40

Legs Lower w Feet & Knees $50

Legs Upper $40

Legs Upper w Knee $50



Abdomen $35

Abdomen & Chest $80

Areoles (nipples) $17.50

Arms Full w Hands $50

Arms Lower w Hands $30

Arms Upper $20

Back Full $60

Back Full w Neck & Shoulders $75

Back Lower $20

Back Upper $40

Back Upper w Neck & Shoulders $55

Breasts $30

Chest $45

Hands $17.50

Neck & Shoulders $30

Tummy Trail $17.50

Underarms $17.50

Upper Body (abdomen, chest, full back, neck & shoulders) $155

* Price list effective February 1 2023, subject to change without notice. 


Cancellation Policy:

* All service changes, appointment changes and appointment cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are subject to 100% charge of all booked services.

* Custom Appointments are non exchangeable & non refundable.

Appointment Changes:

* Can be made through your confirmation link via email or text up to 24 hours before your appointment time.


*For changes made within 24 hours please contact Naked Peach Body Sugaring by text at 250-488-4268

Please Note:

* The studio is located downstairs and is only accessible via stairs, there is no elevator.

* The customer service manager “Pierre” the dog is occasional in studio, feel free to select “Pet Free Appointment” when booking.

* I do not offer any bikini services to anyone under the age of 19, no exceptions.

* I do not offer services to anyone under the age of 16 without a guardian present, no exceptions.


Should any of these restrictions effect you now or in the future, please reach out to me.

I would love to help you find an alternative solution or provider.

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