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Can I be Sugar’d if I am pregnant?

Body Sugaring is absolutely safe for pregnant women!

Whether you were already receiving regular services or it is your first time, Body Sugaring is a great form of hair removal for pregnant women.

As you progress through your pregnancy it will become harder to see and reach parts of your body. Body Sugaring will give you weeks of smooth skin, so you do not need to worry about maintaining your at home routine when it becomes more difficult!

It can be beneficial to be Sugar’d prior to labour. Should you require any sutures, the medical staff will not need to dry shave you, in turn making the healing process more comfortable.

As you progress through your pregnancy there will be more hormones and blood flowi g through your body. Typically you will experience more discomfort and be more likely to bruising as you progress. One way to combat discomfort progression, is to receive regular services. When you receive regular services your body and mind know what to expect so it is less of a shock. Additionally, the more regular you are with your services, the weaker yoru roots are. The weaker the root, the less discomfort experienced.

When booking Bikini services, please choose the Pregnant 29+ weeks when it is applicable to you. There is no additional fee, but it will book us extra time and alerts me to set up extra pillows for your comfort during the service.

You can also talk to your doctor about a numbing cream that is safe to use during pregnancy, there are both over the counter and prescription options.


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