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How & why you should exfoliate.

Exfoliating can be done with any product that works for you, like the exfoliating Dry Brushes, Exfoliatng Mits, Silicone Body Scubbers and Sisal Soap Bags available for purchase in studio. Dry Brushing is the best choice for body exfoliation.

Exfoliating not only helps prevent and release ingrown hairs, it is also great for your lymphatic and nervous systems.

With the right product it is safe to exfoliate your entire body. However, please use products that are gentle or designed specifically for your face.

For best practice, exfoliate twice a week or every 3 days (not more) by moving in a circular motion, and be sure to moisturize after.


Dry Brushes are safe to use on all body parts from your neck downward, and can be used wet or dry, however using it dry will prevent glue deterioration and prolong its life!

Before first use, rub your hands over the bristles to release any loose bristles.


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