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Numbing Cream!

Guess what, beauty does not have to be painful!

It is completely safe to use any numbing cream suitable to your body before being Sugar’d.

I recommend “No Scream Cream” from Relax N Wax, available for purchase in studio. This water soluble over the counter numbing cream will give you the most bang for your buck, and will not stain your clothing.

No Scream Cream can be used on all body areas, including; bikini area and face. It is FDA approved and will not interfere with Body Sugaring.

Are you pregnant? Please check with your doctor first, there are other numbing cream options that may be recommended for you.

No matter which numbing cream you use, please apply the cream in advance as per the products instructions.

No Scream Cream Instructions:

- Apply in a fairly thick layer 30 min prior to your appointment.

- Rub only until the cream becomes thick and white and then STOP!

- Come to your appointment 5 minutes early to freshen up and use the baby wipes provided in the washroom to remove the cream immediately prior to the start of yoru appointment.



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