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Everything you need to know about ingrown hair.

When it comes to ingown hair, there are many factors that could be at play.

It is vital to follow the “24 hours after your appointment” instructions, as after a sugaring service your follicles are open and susceptible to bacteria entering and blocking the next hair cycle.

Be sure to exfoliate every 3 days, each time you remove hair by the root the hair softens making it harder to break through tough skin layers. Please use any exfoliating product that works for you, like the exfoliating Dry Brushes available for purchase in studio.

If you are prone to sever ingrown hairs, using an ingrown hair serum daily can aid in preventing future ingrown hairs, like Get The Bump Outta Here available for purchase in studio.

Consider wearing loose and soft clothing, as tight and rough materials will rub the skin causing the hairs to break or become trapped under the skin.

Consider using non creamy soap/body wash as creamy soaps may leave residue causing buildup trapping the hair under the skin.

And most importantly stay hydrated and moisturize daily!


If you are experiencing am “angry” ingrown hair, you can try applying a warm compress for 10 minutes each night, followed by a thick paste made of baking soda and water applied to a bandaid and left on overnight. Doing this can help encourage the hair to re


Please try your best to not “open“ the skin to remove the hair. If the skin becomes damaged and you remove the hair, when the skin heals the next hair in line does not have a route to follow out, causing an ongoing cycle of ingrown hair. If you happen to “open” or damage the skin, and do release the hair, simply leave it in place and trim with nail clippers until the skin is fully healed and the hair naturally sheds itself.


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