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Before ~ After ~ Between appointment instructions, the do’s & don’ts!

Prepare Your Skin In Advance:

- Exfoliate and moisturize twice a week or every 3 days.

- Do not exfoliate the 3 days before your appointment.

- Do not apply lotion, makeup or deodorant to the body areas being sugared the day of your appointment.

Please Arrive 5 Minutes Before Your Appointment:

- First time clients, please complete the consent form hanging on the studio door, if the door is closed.

- Please freshen up and wash off any lotion, makeup and deodorant on the body areas being sugared..

- On your period? Please freshen up and put a new tampon in. (Please bring a spare tampon for after your appointment)

The washroom is located at the end of the hallway on the right. The washroom at the far end by the electrical room has supplies for your to use.

24 Hours After Your Appointment:

- Avoid swimming, hot tubs and baths, showers are ok.

- Avoid heavy sweating due to heat or workouts.

- Avoid direct or strong sunlight and tanning.

- Avoid sexual activity (bikini service clients).

- Avoid makeup (face service clients).

- Avoid deodorant (underarm service clients).

Maintain Optimal Results Between Appointments By:

- Staying hydrated.

- Moisturizing daily.

- Exfoliating twice a week or every 3 days.

- Avoiding tight clothing.

- Showing off your sexy, smooth skin!


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