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How long does my hair need to be for my appointment?

Each person will experience different growth cycles in different body areas, but as a new sugaring client, you will likely book your appointments 3-4 weeks apart for the first 4-6 visits. I will help you determine your ideal schedule at your first appointment, or during a Free Consutation.

To achieve optimal results, it is best to sugar the hair as soon as it is 1/8 of an inch long (about the size of a grain of rice). Removing the hair at this length helps damage the papilla giving us better results each time.

If we shave or wait longer between appointments the papilla will heal itself and grow strong again, this is bad!

Another reason we do not want our hair to be too long, is that the longer it is the more likely the hair is at the end of its life cycle and it can break during sugaring which will cause ingrown hairs and not give us the soft, smooth skin we are after.

Please note if this is your first treatment I recommend you book your appointment 2 weeks after your last shave.

First time Bikini service clients receive a complimentary trim if required, please do not trim yourself!


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